Attention  -  new place for the competiton

Via Roma 16 - 33099 Vivaro (PN)  


the 4th European Open will take place on September 2nd and 3rd in Italy 

Dear competitor,
The whirlwind that hit our province a few days ago caused damage to the main structure of the stables that was to host our competitions.
We are therefore forced to change location.
The new stables that will host the European obedience championship is Gelindo dei Magredi in Vivaro (Pordenone).
For those who have booked a camper or tent pitch, they can stay directly at this facility.

The competition fields of class 2 and 3 will be uncovered in sand,
Class 1 will be grass.

It will be possible to have lunch and dinner directly in the location.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you


Lieber Teilnehmer,
Der Wirbelsturm, der vor ein paar Tagen unsere Provinz heimsuchte, verursachte Schäden an der Hauptstruktur des Stalls, in dem unsere Wettbewerbe stattfinden sollten.
Wir sind daher gezwungen, den Standort zu wechseln.
Der neue Stall, in dem die Europameisterschaft im Gehorsam stattfinden wird, ist Gelindo dei Magredi in Vivaro (Pordenone).
Wer einen Wohnmobil- oder Zeltplatz gebucht hat, kann direkt bei dieser Anlage übernachten.

Die Wettkampffelder der Klassen 2 und 3 werden im Sand freigelegt,
Klasse 1 wird Gras sein.

Es besteht die Möglichkeit, direkt vor Ort zu Mittag und zu Abend zu essen.

Wir entschuldigen uns für die Unannehmlichkeiten, die Ihnen entstanden sind



Gentile conduttore,
La tromba d'aria che si è abbattuta sulla nostra provincia qualche giorno fa ha causato danni alla struttura principale del maneggio che doveva ospitare le nostre gare. 
Siamo quindi costretti a cambiare location.
Il nuovo maneggio che ospiterà l'europeo di obedience è Gelindo dei Magredi a Vivaro (Pordenone)
Per chi ha prenotato la piazzola camper o tenda potrà alloggiare direttamente presso questa struttura.

I campi gara di classe 2 e 3 saranno scoperti in sabbia,
La classe 1 sarà in erba.

Sarà possibile pranzare e cenare direttamente nella location.

Ci scusiamo per il disagio arrecatovi



Registration is closed

we are overjoyed by the many registrations. unfortunately we will not be able to consider all registrations. However, we try our best to accept as many teams as possible

After acceptance, you will be asked to pay. If the entry fee is not received in time, you will be removed from the entry list and a team from the waiting list will move up.

If you can't start, please write me a short email.

the registration fee will only be refunded up to 30.07.23

hello participant, to complete your registration for the European obedience championships in Italy you need to have a pairing registered on the Encisport website. if you already have the binomial, the organizzation will insert you as partecipant.
If you don't have create the binomial code by going to the encisport.it website and following the instructions in the attachment

Instructions for registration can be found here:

please register  encisport.it 

here is a registration guide 

registration is closed
here you can find the teams and results

first   day

second day

the official dogs' toy EOO 2023

Preorders until 15.08.23  to [email protected]
payment via paypal or bank transfer

The 3rd European Open is over and I'm still totally overwhelmed. Such a perfect weekend with so many great people united by one sport: obedience!I would like to write again about the people who made this competition possible: Barbara and Edwin, Ton and of course the members of KC Rotterdam.... You did a great job and were great!!!!Thanks also to our sponsors:Dog's Craft from Poland, IRON doglin from Italy, Frau & Herr Hund from Germany, Royal Canin Niederlande and the Raad van BeeherAfter the EOO is before the EOOsee you again on September 2nd and 3rd, 2023 near Bibione, Italy



Ich habe die Datenschutzerklärung zur Kenntnis genommen und erkläre mich damit einverstanden.



The winner of class 3 with an excellent result and FCI papers gets CACIOB


Joop de Reus 

was a great supporter of FCI obedience.

The cup has been held for the past 15 years in different countries in Europe

In memory of Joop, the winner of the overall cup will also receive the Joop De Reus trophy

Team Competition 2023

Also this year there will be a team competition, at least 2 dog handlers, max. 4 dog handlers build a team, all points achieved by each team member are added up. The team with the most points becomes the winner of the European Team Competition

find friends and form a team

there is a one-off fee of €45, payable locally